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Individual visit: Oui
Group visit: Oui
Length of the visit: 1 hour 30 minutes

The EDF thermal power plant at Blénod is firmly anchored in the industrial heritage of the Lorrain region. The site includes an old coal-fired power station currently being dismantled and a new gas-fired combined cycle production tool commissioned in October 2011. It is the first power plant using natural gas built by EDF in France. With a capacity of 430 MW, this production plant is innovative in both its technology and its respect for the environment.

Fossil-fired production plays an essential role in EDF’s electricity mix. It is designed to cope with peak loads thanks to its fast start-up time and flexible use. It produces power to supplement the country’s nuclear and hydraulic plants particularly during cold snaps.

During the visit you will discover the Gas-Fired Combined Cycle power plant and its control room, boiler, machine room (combustion turbine and steam turbine), the transformer and the water demineralisation unit. Particular emphasis will be placed on biodiversity and the site’s bee hives. Art in industry will also be highlighted, as the Blénod site has several huge “street-art” frescos which you will discover as you go round.

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>> Site participating in the “Journées de l’Industrie Electrique EDF”



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Individual visit: Oui

Guided tour: Oui

Times of guided tours:

Monday to Friday

Guided tour booking info:
Kid rates: Free of charge
Adult rates: Free of charge


Restrictions for group visits: Visite sur rendez-vous

Group visits booking info:

Please contact the Tours department on +33 (0)3 83 80 38 80 to book your tour.
Visitors must present a valid form of identification upon arrival for the tour.
Age limit for access to the site is 12 years and over.
All visitors must wear long trousers, long-sleeved clothing and flat, closed shoes.

Minimum number of people: 6

Maximum number of people: 14

Group rate: Free of charge
School rate: Free of charge

General information

Length of the visit: 1 hour 30 minutes

Tasting: Oui

Activity: Oui

Languages spoken: English

Closed to groups:

During plant overhauls

Age limit: 12

Shop: Oui

Cash payment: No
Payment by cheque: No
Bank card payment: No
AMEX payment: No

Disabled access: No

Disabled visitor comments:

Except for the public information centre

Car parks: Yes
Coach parks: Yes


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